NOSEWHEEL, 5″ 1.25


NOSEWHEEL, 5″ 1.25

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Matco Aircraft Landing Systems produces the WHLNW501.25 inch nosewheel for use with aircraft requiring less than 1420 pounds nosewheel load.


The WHLNW501.25 uses 1.25 inch TAPER/ROLL bearings. It is 3.888 wide and weighs approximately 3.24 lbs.


The WHLNW501.25 is designed for the following standards:

Static Capacity 1420
Load Limit 4260

This wheel is designed with for use 11x400x5 ‘Lamb’ type tires. (Specify the NW511.25 for use with 5.00-5 aircraft style tires).


There is a non-standard short stem tube available to allow the 5.00-5 tire to be used with this wheel and is linked below.  It may be hard to find in the field in the event of a replacement being needed.

Additional information

Weight 3.24 lbs
Axle Bearing Diameter

Wheel Assembly Width


Static Capacity

NW Bearing Spacing

NW Wgt

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