E SERIES 1.25 BPAE1.38J PLATE for use on Jabiru Aircraft



Matco Aircraft Landing Systems produces a superior 6″ inch wheel and brake assembly for use with aircraft requiring less than 700 lbs per wheel. This model uses 1.25 inch TAPER/ROLL bearings. (Check the product comparison table for other bearing and caliper configurations).


The MHE6J E SERIES is a 6″ inch wheel with 6.22 inch width with an additional 1.31 inch caliper spacing. Bearing spacing is 2.71 inches and axle spacing is 0.68 inches. The total weight of this wheel and brake assembly is 6.3 pounds. The bearing axle diameter is 1.25 inches.


The MHE6J wheel utilizes CNC spun aluminum alloy wheel halves for superior strength, lightweight, and resistance to corrosion that is inherently found in magnesium wheels. The MHE6j wheel uses a 1.25 inch tapered roller bearing, designed and rigorously tested for long life and resistance to bearing fatigue. The ‘E’ series wheel features a single piston brake assembly with an external caliper for easy maintenance. Caliper removal is accomplished by removing two bolts giving easy access to the linings. Al-Ni-Brz bushings are used on ‘E’ series wheels to ensure smooth caliper travel. The CNC spun wheel halves offer a precision surface for use with a variety of commercial tires. The MHE6J can be fitted with the A3A (MHE6B-S) or A3C (MHE6B-SC) bolt on axle, offering easy installation. Both axles are made of black anodized 6061-T6 alloys.  The MHE6J differs from the MHE6B by the use of a special brake plate for a 45 degree aft installation on the Jabiru Aircraft.  New bolt holes are required for the installation of the WHLAXLE3A axle assembly and a chamfer on the aft side of the landing gear for caliper clearance.  Specify DOT3/4 seals if those fluids are to be used.  Standard seals are for use with Mil-H-5606 or equivalent fluids.


Precision machining on the MHE6B wheel allows for the use of a variety of tires to include Goodyear, McCreary, Michelin, and many 6″ industrial tires.  Tires wider than 6 inches require the addition of MH E Series spacer kit to match the axle.


The MHMHE6B1.25 is designed for the following standards:

Static Capacity 700 LBS
Load Limit 2100 LBS
Maximum Accelerate/Stop Kinetic Energy 118,000 ft-lb
Torque Rating (@450 PSI) 2085 in-lb

Additional information

Weight 6.3 lbs
Brake Type

Tire Beadseat Diameter

6 Inch

Load Limit

Wheel Assembly Width

Bearing Type

Axle Spacing


Bearing Diameter

Bearing Spacing

Caliper Spacing

Kinetic Capacity

Static Capacity

Torque Rating

Wheel Type