WHLW600S 6.00-6, 1.50 bearing, Single Caliper


WHL & BRK ASSY 600X6 for !.5” PA-18 Style Axle; Single Caliper



Matco Aircraft Landing Systems produces a superior 6 inch wheel and brake assembly for use with aircraft requiring less than 1860 lbs per wheel. This model uses 1.50 inch tapered roller bearings. (Check the product comparison table for other bearing and caliper configurations).

DIMENSIONS – The WHLW600S is a 6 inch wheel with 6.15 inch width with an additional 1.25 inch caliper spacing. Bearing spacing is 3.35 inches and axle spacing is 1.61 inches. The total weight of this wheel and brake assembly is under 9 pounds. The bearing axle diameter is 1.50 inches.

FEATURES – The W600S is centrifugally cast utilizing 535 aluminum alloy for superior strength and corrosion resistance. This alloy provides a light weight wheel and affords many years of efficient performance. The W600S features the WHLB5 brake assembly and WHLD2 disc.  The WHLB5 brake uses a 1.50 inch diameter piston in a single caliper and is commonly used for lighter aircraft with lower torque requirements (See the WHLW600XLT or WHLWI600XLT if more torque is required). This internal caliper design is favored for use in many retractable gear systems for it’s low profile compared to external caliper designs when low drag and clean lines are desired. The wheel is designed to use 6.00-6 aircraft style tires as well as any oversized tire since tire clearance is not an issue with the internal caliper design. The bearing spacing accomidates the PA-18 style axle or the Matco Aircraft Landing Systems WHLA6 axle or WHLAXLE6 axle assembly (includes axle, nut, and washer) can be used.


The WHLW600S is designed for the following standards:

Static Capacity 1860 LBS
Load Limit 5580 LBS
Maximum Accelerate/Stop Kinetic Energy 225000 ft-lb
Torque Rating (@450 PSI) 1980 in-lb

Additional information

Weight 8.9 lbs
Tire Beadseat Diameter

6 Inch

Brake Type

Load Limit

Wheel Assembly Width

Bearing Type

Bearing Diameter

Kinetic Capacity

Static Capacity

Wheel Type