W600 ASSY W/BPA1.50


W600 ASSY W/BPA1.50

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The Matco Aircraft Landing Systems WHLB600 6 INCH inch brake assembly is designed for use with Matco Aircraft Landing Systems wheels. This model uses an Internal caliper design and is designed to be used with the WHLD6 disc. The WHLB600 is supplied with BPA1.50 brake plate adapter.

The M66-105 brake pad is used. This semi-metallic friction material compound was selected for its high friction performance and low fade at elevated temperatures to provide smooth stopping under high load conditions. The reline kit for this brake is the BRL-6 which includes linings and rivets for two calipers.

Most models of Matco Aircraft Landing Systems brakes are upgradeable to higher torque configurations as engine size or tire changes. Check our brake conversion kits or call our technical support staff for your specific needs.


The WHLB600 is designed for the following specifications:

Energy Rating (FT-LBS) 337932 FT-LB
Torque Rating (@450 PSI) 4473 IN-LB

This model uses the PH-6 caliper utilizing three 1.25″ diameter pistons in a single caliper. A higher torque version of this brake assembly using 1.5″ diamter pistons is available as the WHLB600XT brake assembly. Exisiting WHLB600 brakes can be reworked to the XT configuration (please contact the factory for details).

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