UL 6″ WHL & BRK .75D DUAL CAL, Gold


UL 6″ WHL & BRK .75D DUAL CAL, Gold



Matco Aircraft Landing Systems produces a superior 6″ inch wheel and brake assembly for use with aircraft requiring less than 660 lbs per wheel. This model uses 0.75 inch BALL bearings. (Check the product comparison table for other bearing and caliper configurations).

DIMENSIONS – The MH6B D.75 is a 6″ inch wheel with 5.45 inch width with an additional 1.13 inch caliper spacing. Bearing spacing is 1.8 inches and axle spacing is 2.21 inches. The total weight of this wheel and brake assembly is 5.18 pounds. The bearing axle diameter is 0.75 inches.

FEATURES – The NEW MH6B is now produced as a CNC spun wheel with a Tenzalloy hub center and NEW higher torque calipers. The CNC spun wheel ensures the highest accuracy and repeatability without the problems associated with stamping wheels from aluminum. These wheels have a specially designed shoulder to ensure better seal and support of the tire bead seat and the material thickness is 30% greater than the older stamped wheel. The MH6B and MH6B.75 have a precision sealed ball bearing which is rigorously tested and designed to resist bearing fatigue. This wheel features an upgraded four inch brake assembly using the new two PH-4XT caliper housings. (The four inch brake is available in three configurations for excellent braking performance to match the aircraft needs) All braking systems now available on the MH6B utilize caliper machined from bar stock instead of the older cast housings! When ordering parts for MH wheels using the new caliper, be sure to use the WHLB4XT parts listed in compatible products. For the old caliper, use the WHLB4

TIRE/TUBE – Because the MH6B uses an internal caliper, almost any six inch tire and tube combination can be used with this assembLy. Some of the most popular combinations are 15X600X6 2 ply or four ply tubeless for light use on paved surfaces; the 800X6 for rough and soft field landings; or a 600X6 aircraft tire for a higher profile and clearance.


The MHMH6BD.75 is designed for the following standards:

Static Capacity660 LBS
Load Limit2000 LBS
Maximum Accelerate/Stop Kinetic Energy93,441 ft-lb
Torque Rating (@450 PSI)3080 in-lb

Additional information

Weight5.18 lbs
Brake Type

Tire Beadseat Diameter

6 Inch

Load Limit

Wheel Assembly Width

Bearing Type

Axle Spacing


Bearing Diameter

Bearing Spacing

Caliper Spacing

Kinetic Capacity

Static Capacity

Torque Rating

Wheel Type


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